When working with concrete surfaces and flooring, it’s important to choose the perfect overlay to make your project complete. Here’s a few reasons why StoneMaxx is better than other epoxy floor options as a concrete overlay.

Better R-Value

The concrete overlay of a basement floor is crucial to the value of the floor. When working with floors, it is important to understand the thermal value (or R-value) of the material with which you are working. StoneMaxx offers an R-value of around 4, while the R-values of options like carpet, linoleum, and urethane coatings are much lower. The higher the R-value, the less heat will pass through the overlay material. So, in cold winter months, a floor covered with StoneMaxx will keep your feet warmer and more comfortable than other overlay materials.

Higher strength

StoneMaxx solutions go down at a 1/2-inch in thickness, while two coats of epoxy barely reach 1/16-inch. Because of this, StoneMaxx offers much more durability and strength than other floor coatings and concrete overlays.

Better aesthetics

A clean stone look is much more visually appealing than the look of solid epoxy or flakes. You’ll impress visitors with your basement floor’s appearance, and you’ll love the look for years to come.

Prevention of problems

The use of StoneMaxx offers prevention of common problems that come with the use of concrete. For example, spalling and uneven surfaces require extra prep work to fix before using an epoxy; using StoneMaxx takes these problems right out of the question.

Quick and easy installation

Nobody wants to sit around for days, or even weeks, while contractors are working in their basement. Applying StoneMaxx as a concrete overlay is simple and quick, an in-and-out installation solution that is far better than epoxy and other overlay materials. The best part is StoneMaxx is available for your concrete overlay project right here in the Columbus, Ohio market.

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