Solid Epoxy

Solid Epoxy FloorThe first thing to consider when applying any coating over a concrete substrate is the Adhesion Rating. The Adhesion Rating will tell you how well the coating will adhere to the surface. Anything under 300 PSI on an Adhesion Rating means it can separate from the concrete.That is why cheap epoxies fail due to hot tire pick up. The second thing to consider is the Impact Rating. The Impact Rating will give you insight into the amount of impact the coating can withstand. Anything less than 75-inch pounds on the Impact Rating is poor. The last thing to consider is the Abrasion Rating, which will let you know how much your coating will wear away. Anything over a 100mg loss is reduced quality. Sealmaxx coatings have to hold up to rigorous specs and testing.

There are many colors, glosses, finishes, and textures of epoxy. Select from our Metallic, High Solids, Color Quartz, Vinyl Flakes, and Epoxy/Polyurethane Combination. Epoxy is a great choice for garages, warehouses, bathrooms, lobbies, and basements if you are looking for a permanent non-porous flooring solution. Whatever your budget or style, we’ve got you covered (pun intended). Sealmaxx will work with you to choose an option that meets your specifications and your budget. Our skilled installers have been in the industry for over ten years. Lifetime Warranty available on all Epoxy Flooring Products.

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Kolour Koat Colour Chart

Explore the various options in the Kolour Koat Color Chart

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